How to Get Traffic From Forums

We’re going to show you how to get traffic from forums. Forums are a great place to drive traffic to your Website or YouTube Channel. But, it only happens, when you do it in the right way. So, we’re gonna show you step by step guide on how to get traffic from forums. Now, this strategy won’t work if you try to spam. It’s meant to add value to forums, while potentially getting a significant number of traffic for your content.

Now, the way this strategy works is simple. First, you find forum threads that get a lot of search traffic from Google, then post your best answer on that page. And the reason why we want to find pages that get traffic from Google is that we know that organic traffic is consistent, meaning, traffic from the forum posts can also be consistent, too.

So to get started, use any tool like Ahrefs’ Site Explorer and enter the domain of a forum. Next, go to the Organic keywords report. I’d advise applying a couple of filters. For example, if you had a site on gaming, you can just type that into the search box and hit enter. And as you’d want high-traffic pages, I’d set the positions to filter to the top 10. And right away, you’ll see keywords like this one – “best games to play.” So to check how much search traffic the page gets, click on the caret and you’ll see it right here.

Now, one other tip worth noting is that since Google rankings can be quite volatile for some topics, it’s worth looking at the Overview report for the page. And all you want to do here is make sure that it’s been getting consistent organic traffic over time. In this case, everything looks good, so the last thing you’ll have to do is, go to the question on the forum and answer it. And if possible, add relevant links back to your site in places where it makes sense in your answer.