How to Get Free Backlinks Fast Without Link Building

Now in case, you’re a beginner, what are backlinks it’s simply links from other websites to your website. How this helps, it simply tells Search Engines that your website has something valuable and people are linking to it. So they will give you a higher rank.

More backlinks increase your website rank and obviously, this will help you get more organic traffic from search engines. So link building is something really important when it comes to SEO and ranking on google. But the problem arises when you want to build backlinks we have to go and search for websites in our niche and then we have to collect emails, write emails, use some outreach tools, and ask for backlinks and you usually get a response like 1 out of 1000 or something. So today we will share with you a simple trick to get a lot of backlinks without link building. But be sure that it will take time and it requires hard work and patience. But at the same time, it will give you awesome results.

So the strategy is to build a valuable resource, a valuable thing that when people see they will automatically link to. For example, you can create a tool like a keyword research tool, plagiarism checker, or a png to jpg converter. You can even create case studies or infographics. So, whenever anybody uses it they will likely share these with their audience and in this way, you’ll get a backlink.

Now the second part is to tell people about your tool, case studies, or infographics. So, how to promote these things? It’s very simple, all you need to do is just share your valuable resource on different platforms. But you have to be consistent for at least one hour every day. There are many platforms where you can share your resources like you can share it on Forums, Quora, Reddit, and Facebook. But please don’t spam, if you spam then people will not likely share or use your resource. You can even create a video on YouTube or you can run paid ads.

There are many ways to promote your valuable resource. Once people know about the thing that you created. Then you will notice in a couple of months how this resource will start to grow and the number of backlinks will start to increase and how the rank of your website will start to be higher.